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Eagala provides more
than a rewarding career.

The Eagala team
transforms lives.

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Learn how you can deepen your expertise and experience the rewards of this innovative approach to mental health.

Eagala is uniquely positioned to be on the front lines of mental health care.


If you are frustrated because your traditional therapy model isn’t getting the results your clients want, consider an revolutionary approach. Gain excellent training in a collaborative approach to guiding positive and safe outcomes for your clients.

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Eagala advocates for its members – being part of a global cause to make an impact changing lives of both people and horses is only part of the picture.

Be a part of a world-wide movement with over 2,500 certified members and 500 credentialed programs across 40 countries that is ethical and has a clear vision for the future. Join our unique Eagala Model and make the contribution you came here to make.

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