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American Equus Partnership UPDATE – Be on the lookout!

by | Aug 31, 2020 | Eagala News

In the August newsletter, we announced Eagala’s partnership with American Equus.

Are you feeling inspired? Does your inner artist want to play?

This past spring, American Equus designed the special Eagala t-shirt. And now, you get the chance to express what Eagala means through your art. American Equus is calling for an artist to design the next Eagala t-shirt! 

Be prepared to submit your own artwork. As you sit down with your paints, your pens, or your medium of choice, allow yourself to be inspired. What does Eagala mean to you? 

Is it time for your inner-artist to come out and play? Watch on social with details on how to submit your design! 

Check out the Eagala beautiful t-shirts at American Equus!