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Build your Herd – Hand-picked Horses for Eagala Programs

by | Oct 3, 2020 | Eagala Business, Eagala News

On our September 23rd Eagala Member Connect Call, Christie Schulte-Kappert from The Right Horse Initiative presented an engaging talk about how Eagala’s partnership will serve horses in transition and you, our members. She had some great stories in her talk of good people being matched with good horses that were heart-warming and inspiring. 

And Christie announced special pricing for Eagala Members from adoption partners!


The Right Horse Initiative (TRH) is a collective of equine industry and welfare professionals and advocates working together to improve the lives of horses in transition. A program of the ASPCA, the goal is to massively increase horse adoption in the United States.


TRH is making a big impact on horses in transition and the conversation around adoption and fostering them. Because of the partnership that Eagala has forged with The Right Horse Initiative, we now have an exciting new way for you to build your Eagala herd. 


My Right Horse (MRH), the adoption website for The Right Horse Initiative, is where you can connect with your right horse. Innovative and collaborative, MRH is helping these horses in transition get from one phase of life to another. Working together to reframe the adoption conversation and shatter the stigma surrounding horses in transition, they have pulled out all the stops to make this an easy, affordable, and enjoyable process. 


The Right Horse Initiative includes over 30 adoption partners who have now learned about Eagala and are excited about the work we do and your programs! They have many great horses who can’t be ridden, who are beautiful companion horses, healthy and ready to be adopted, who are ready to meet  their right person, perfect for working in a new role as an Eagala herd member. Many of the partners providing horses for adoption are identifying if they feel this horse would be wonderful for an Eagala program, and some offer discounts for Eagala Certified programs! There is a wide variety of horses who are in transition, and you have a great opportunity to build your herd at a great price. 


What about their health? What if they are not really a good Eagala horse? 

My Right Horse has rigorous guidelines to ensure your horse is healthy and ready for their next role in life.  They have been trained and rehabilitated if needed, and are waiting to be adopted. The partners are ‘boots on the ground’ close up with each horse and know them very well. 


The training the adoption partner is required to perform is based on their Basic Behaviors Profile — a 14 point assessment of ground handling skills. They ask questions like How did he handle being a ‘good citizen’? Is he a saddle or a ground horse? All trained at a level they can safely be handled and be placed accordingly into their next career. 


What does adoption look like? 

TRH requires each adoption partner to practice full transparency. This is at the core of matching the right horse with the right person. The partner will tell you about limitations, likes and dislikes, eating, and behavior. 


Each horse’s health and history is documented, from UTD vaccines, farrier care, and dental work, and each one has been microchipped. 


What if I have problems after I adopt? 

One of the greatest benefits, if that wasn’t enough, is the strong community that has been built. You enjoy lifetime support from your adoption partner. They care about these horses and want the very best for them.  They want to know how your horse is doing. They are positive, friendly and easy to work with. In fact, the partner will take back a horse if it just doesn’t work out for whatever reason. It’s a great safety net for such an endeavor and the folks at My Right Horse and their adoption partners are committed to you feeling supported. They will even help you arrange the transport. 


How much do the horses cost? 

The fees are great! Plus they have all this training and are in good health. Because of fundraising, they are often at a lower rate than market price. Because the partners are focused on finding a good home for these horses, especially the companion horses who can’t be ridden and are in less demand, they might even waive the adoption fee or help with the shipping. They point is, this can be a negotiating point, and is also totally up to that specific adoption partner.  

Additionally, the ASPCA, the parent of The Right Horse Initiative,  can occasionally help with shipping if they already have a horse transfer scheduled. Your horse might be able to hitch a ride for free! 

Check out this listing for this sweet girl, Legacy, whom the adoption partner has listed as just right for an Eagala role, and at a reduced adoption fee! 

How does it work?

Yep, many horse adoption services are so difficult that it’s just not worth it. Not with My Right Horse! The transfer of ownership couldn’t be easier. It’s welcoming , simple, understandable and great customer service with a focus on that right match. And because they have access to a larger network, if you don’t see your right horse on the adoption website, My Right Horse, they can dive into their database and find a perfect match for you from other rescues. 

In our Connect Call, Christie gave us a great tour of the My Right Horse classifieds adoption site and teased us all with a few lovely horses she picked out for us. Many members on the call chatted that they were ready to go for it! 

If you want to watch the replay of Christie’s wonderful talk, click here.

There are a lot of horses who need a home who can’t be ridden.

So head on over to My Right Horse, and start looking for your right horse to adopt or foster. 

Watch out though! You may end up with more than one 😉