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Eagala, A Value-Driven Approach to Organizational Culture

by | Oct 31, 2020 | Eagala Business, Therapy With Horses

Eagala, A Value-Driven Approach to Organizational Culture

Eagala has a value-driven approach to company culture and operations with five values followed: Integrity, Excellence, Collaboration, Innovation, and Positive Impact. 

For this November issue, we will take a deeper dive into our first value, Integrity where we focus on ethics, integrity, and how a clear identity guides our decisions and actions.

Integrity and our team approach.

First a look at integrity in regards to our team approach. The Eagala Model requires that both a licensed Mental Health Professional (MH) and a qualified Equine Specialist (ES) are at all times a part of the Eagala Certified treatment team. The MH builds the treatment plan based on the client’s situation and goals. The ES oversees safety, both physical and emotional, for clients and horses and works closely with the MH to prepare the sessions with the horses. 

During the session, the ES co-facilitates with the MH, with their focus on the nuances of horse behavior. This coordinated approach ensures emotional and physical safety for clients, and upholds ethical practices.  

The Eagala Model is a professionally-based mental health modality.   



Ethics guide us.

Next are our ethics – the moral principles that govern Eagala’s behavior in the conducting of business and in guiding practice for all Eagala members.  

We agree to adhere to Eagala’s Code of Ethics to establish and instill confidence in our clients, colleagues, and communities. The Eagala Code of Ethics is based on providing for the fundamental overall safety and wellbeing of our clients and horses. 

Serving to address concerns of the members and making sure Eagala’s reputation is upheld, ethics are principles that guide us. 

Eagala’s certified professionals are committed to following our code of ethics, upholding principles, and ensuring best practices and the highest level of care for our clients. These are all core components of our way of being. Eagala – setting the global standard for mental health services incorporating horses. 

Eagala is a way of being.



A clear identity is key to Eagala’s success. 

Having a clear identity is important to running a successful certification membership-based organization. An organization must know who they are and where they are going. This creates an organizational culture where everyone understands what’s important and what the organization stands for. 

Beliefs and values guide an organization throughout its life in all circumstances, irrespective of changes in its goals and strategies, personalities and egos. Decisions and actions guided by our clear identity prevents distractions that aren’t in alignment and keeps us on track to reach our goals. 

Eagala members are guided by integrity throughout the organization.


“Without the help of the Eagala organization, we would not have been able to continue helping these individuals. “ – Eagala Certified ES