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Eagala, An Organization Dedicated to Collaboration

by | Dec 1, 2020 | Eagala Business

Collaboration speeds things up and increases impact. 

Eagala has a value-driven approach to organizational culture and operations with five values followed: Integrity, Excellence, Collaboration, Innovation, and Positive Impact. 

For this December issue, we will take a deeper dive into Collaboration where we, as an organization and its members, are dedicated to maintaining a culture of collaboration and teamwork through supporting one another and sharing information, experiences, and ideas for the benefit of the client.

With a few keywords like – collaborate, working together, teamwork, connection, relationship, and equalsone gets a clear picture of the importance of this value.

Success of an organization, any company depends on collaboration. 


Why Collaboration? 

Focused on serving the greater good.  

When we are open to new ideas and interact with people who share the same values, we are able to create greater insight and understanding. Working together with a mindset of openness and learning creates an innovative atmosphere where new solutions are discovered – both at your own practice, and all around the world. 

We invite this sense of collaboration when we align with the bigger purpose and message, focused on serving the greater good – which in turn increases the impact and reach of each individual and program. 

Embracing the global model and community increases each program’s credibility, expertise, and visibility. 

Contributing your insights to the collective supports everyone, and comes back to you as well.  As one does better, all will benefit – as the saying goes, “a rising tide lifts all boats.” 

When we all work together, interact and share ideas, we learn new skills, increase our effectiveness, and expand the reach of our message of the power of this work.   


How do we do it?

Eagala’s is dedicated to and thrives on collaboration. Through networking, both globally and locally, all members benefit as well as the reach of our message. 

Eagala’s Member Forum provides support and business resources, as well as continuing education opportunities where members can continue to grow in their Eagala professional development – a true career path. 

Eagala has peer networking groups world-wide which provide local support, collaboration, and ongoing learning relevant to your local communities. 

Eagala’s international conference provides a forum for education, inspiration, and collaboration. Through in-person networking meetings and online connect calls, members share ideas and collaborate with one another. 

Skills learned through these varied channels can then be incorporated in order to look at things with a new perspective and make improvements and enhancements. 

Working together enhances each member’s effectiveness and program success.