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Eagala Australia Members Wow the Audience in Queensland

by | Aug 31, 2020 | Eagala News

On August 7th, Eagala’s Pacific Regional Director, Michelle Black, and Network Coordinator, Helen Sorensen presented a 2-hour seminar in Queensland, Australia on mental health interventions through horses at PACFA, the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia. 

This was part of the PACFA Continuing Professional Development (CPD) event. CPD is dedicated to high-quality education affordability – their Members and Registrants receive a Member Discount.

In Michelle and Helen’s two hour seminar, they focused on the power and effectiveness of Equine Mental Health interventions and took this great opportunity to educate and show off the wonders of the Eagala Model. 

The over 80 mental health practitioners and clinicians in attendance were educated about Eagala and the innovations to mental health care that are making such a positive impact for people and horses. Eagala’s distinctive team approach was the central point of the presentation and inspired the audience, prompting a lot of interaction that made it even more engaging.

The powerful and moving case studies they presented moved the audience members to ask a multitude of questions.  

“It was a fantastic opportunity as there were people from all over Australia.  It was so moving and created huge interest. They were very complimentary and thankful.”  Michelle Black

Maree Armansin, host of the event, shared, “Your talk certainly highlighted the insightful and power of the horses and method.  I was honoured to be able to assist you during the huge number of questions.” 

Thank you Michelle and Helen for taking that trip across the borders to make such a positive impact for them! 

For more on how horses make the impact, watch this short entertaining video with Eagala Certified members sharing about their Eagala careers.