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Eagala Organizational Development Training in October in Oregon

by | Aug 31, 2020 | Eagala Business, Eagala News

Experience an innovative and fascinating insight into leadership. 

The Eagala Organizational Development Training is coming October 28-31, 2020 in beautiful Newberg, Oregon!  

This training focuses on how to deliver the Eagala Model as a highly professional service to leaders, teams, and corporations.

Why consider this Eagala specialty training? 

High-growth organizations are seeking out innovative programs for emerging leaders. 

Survey Results from the Center for Creative Leadership in their article Leadership Development Budgets for 2020 During a Global Crisis show “that the median overall budget for leadership development is approximately $350,000.”

To help create continual learning experiences, Forbes estimates that 94% of companies are planning to increase their leadership training budgets. This is giving potential leaders increasing opportunities to grow and expand their skill sets.

“According to data from the Chief Learning Officer Business Intelligence Board, nearly 95% of learning organizations either plan to increase or maintain their current investment in leadership development. Meanwhile, TrainingIndustry.com says that leadership training is a $366 billion global industry.“ – Forbes June, 2019

Money is being invested in leadership development, however, according to this study, the data also says that most leadership programs fail to deliver. 

Eagala Programs are uniquely positioned to fill this huge gap because it works!


Why can Eagala fill this gap? 

Eagala’s innovative approach goes beyond traditional learning models, to guide executives and teams to develop the key skills they need to thrive in a high-pressure and uncertain world.  As a global movement that has high ethical standards and a clear vision for the future, Eagala offers top-notch training in a collaborative approach to guiding positive and safe outcomes for clients. 

Reach worldwide organizations and work successfully with executive leaders and teams!  Help these leaders tune in to teamwork and leadership in a way they haven’t experienced before. Working with horses as part of an organizational training program is innovative and effective in growing confidence and inspiring others to reach their highest potential. 

In a world that is changing fast, more and more people are opting into new careers and accepting leadership positions, where the skills provided by our Organizational Development training can be key to their success. 

This workshop will provide:
  • A general framework for working with executives and organizations.
  • A step-by-step practical and theoretical guide for working with individuals and teams from the first contact to closure/feedback.
  • Additional tools and skills to work with corporate groups that will help you outside and inside the arena.
  • A real experience working with a corporate group (this may change depending on confirmation).
  • An opportunity to gain confidence and prepare your mindset to work with top leaders and teams.

This training also provides you with Eagala Continuing Education Hours for certification renewal, and also applies towards the new Eagala Organizational Development Designation! 

Let’s work together and experience the power of the Eagala Model in corporate work.

Click here to register! There are a few spots left!