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Eagala’s Anti-Discrimination Initiative and Survey  

by | Aug 1, 2020 | Eagala News


Eagala has always stood for emotional and physical safety for all through non-judgment, holding space, and empowerment. Horses, by their nature, provide an opportunity to engage in relationships without typical human biases. What a gift! And, an example of how we can always do more to better ourselves, our programs, and our communities.

In light of the world stage during this time of great awareness, we have taken steps and created our Anti-Discrimination Initiative.

Eagala’s anti-discrimination, pro-inclusion initiative is focused on:

  • Creating anti-discrimination policies and standards
  • Supporting cultural humility, awareness, curiosity and learning of certified practitioners
  • Creating an organizational culture that engages and supports a diversified membership
  • Providing resources to support programs in partnering with agencies and groups in your local communities to improve services with diverse communities and increase diversity of certified practitioners providing those services in your programs 

One of the steps in these efforts has been to hear and learn from you through a survey recently sent to members. We hoped the open-ended questions would also encourage reflection, both individually and as a program.

We appreciate all of you who have filled this survey out so far – the responses have been thoughtful, vulnerable and self-reflective.

We have read all the responses submitted and are currently analyzing the information in a qualitative compilation process to highlight key themes, insights and learnings. If you haven’t completed the survey, we still encourage you to do so as we have found your thoughts, insights and self reflections on this issue valuable, powerful and beneficial as we continue to actively focus and deepen our self-awarenesses, personally and organizationally. 

Click here to fill out the survey!

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this important issue!