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Eagala’s Horse Story on Social Gets Lots of Attention for Eagala Programs

by | Aug 31, 2020 | Therapy With Horses

You heard our call to action back in June and you delivered in making Eagala more and more well-known!

The Eagala and American Equus Horse Story Challenge results  are in and we rocked it in the visibility department!  We all love our horses, and your Horse Stories made a big impact!  

In addition to Eagala members and friends who shared, we were honored with 17 social media equestrian influencers sharing their horse story, who reached 450,278 Instagram followers! 

Eagala’s Development team, Dani Palmer and Annie Gardner, together with American Equus created the Horse Story Challenge that ran earlier this summer.

The goal was to see how much attention we could draw to Eagala and to our community of passionate horse people. 

The social media based challenge was for horse lovers, (do we know any? ;))) who were asked to make a video sharing their own horse story on social media, to describe how you felt, the connection you had, and how being with horses has helped them.

You were then asked to tag 3 more friends to challenge them to do theirs.  

We reached the broader public in a big way, as well as engaging our own community.

Supporting the great work you do, and the human-horse connection, we brought awareness to other horse lovers and to our Eagala Certified Programs all over the world! 

Thank you all for helping us with this fun and engaging challenge and making this such a big success! 

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