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Eagala’s Streamlined & Simplified Marketing Plan for Members

by | Oct 31, 2020 | Eagala Business

For you – the Eagala Marketing Content Library.  Plus other support videos, webinars, and collateral ready to use! Stand out in a noisy marketplace, get the attention of the right people, and set your business up to succeed by integrating the Eagala program messaging and signature system content.

If you are an Eagala Member with up-to-date certification, you have permission to copy and paste the marketing content in these documents. That’s right. This compelling and emotive messaging is yours to integrate into your program. Build a solid foundation, simplify your marketing and make life easier for yourself.  With step-by-step instruction on how to use, both within the documents and in the Eagala Marketing webinars, you have all you need to get moving on building a strong business. 

Language that lands – plenty of marketing copy to last for years. 

Use this content to write your website copy, emails, flyers, presentations, meetings with prospective clients, etc, so that you and your team speak about your program clearly and consistently.  Use the phrases, descriptions, soundbites you need and that work for you and your program – leave the rest. 

To access and begin using this Eagala Member benefitLog into My Eagala and: 

1. Go to Resources, and look under the Marketing heading.

2. Click Member Marketing Content Library to download our two Brand documents:

          – The Eagala Member’s Brand Story &

          – The Member’s Content Library

             You can also download the Member’s Client Brochure to offer to new prospects who visit your website.

3. Watch the Tour of the Eagala Content Library.

4. Register and go through the five-part series Eagala Marketing Webinars in order. These take you step by step through building a powerful brand presence, implementing smart marketing strategies, and upgrading your website to captivate and attract new clients while you sleep.  And the Webinars count for CE’s!


Learn how to use your Brand documents and at the same time, build a strong foundation for your Eagala program and set yourself up to thrive.