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Ethics Are Essential-New Eagala Grievance Policy

by | Aug 2, 2020 | Eagala Business


At Eagala’s core are our soul values, and Integrity is the first one of our five values. Ethics and our clear identity guides our decisions and actions.

Eagala’s Code of Ethics serves as a standard by which to conduct business and guide practice for all Eagala members, and is upheld by our Eagala Ethics Committee. As members, we agree to adhere to Eagala’s Code of Ethics to establish and instill confidence in our clients, colleagues, and communities. 

Eagala’s certified professionals are committed to following our code of ethics, upholding principles, and ensuring best practices and the highest level of care for our clients. It is about us valuing continuous learning and positive improvement. These are all core components of our way of being. 

We are dealing with people’s lives. And, it is possible to do harm. Eagala’s global standard requiring the team approach of a mental health professional and an equine specialist in all sessions, along with the horses and clients, supports the highest standard of care and support for ethical practice. Each member of the Eagala team commits to Eagala’s Code of Ethics, along with their professional codes of practice for the mental health and horse welfare industries.  

The Eagala Code of Ethics is based on providing for the fundamental overall safety and wellbeing of our clients and horses. The Ethics Committee develops, communicates, and oversees standards of conduct and treatment, as well as serving to address concerns of the members and making sure Eagala’s reputation is upheld. 

In our commitment to upholding our standards, in integrity, and for the highest good for all, Eagala’s Board of Directors has updated our Grievance Policy for when concerns arise about the Eagala organization. This policy reinforces Eagala’s value of Excellence which prioritizes our commitment to professionalism, standards, and ongoing learning in all programs and at all levels of the organization. 

You may access the Ethics and Grievance Policies through the links on the footer of each page of Eagala’s website.  

Eagala has worked very hard, and continues to work hard in creating and maintaining ethical standards for our members and organizationally, so that we may continue transforming lives for as many people and horses as possible. 

Setting the global standard for mental health services incorporating horses.