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Riendas para la Vida Eagala program Making a Powerful and Profound Impact

by | Aug 29, 2020 | Eagala News, Therapy With Horses

Mercedes Arambula Ibáñez is the Program Director of Reins for Life, located near Guadalajara, Mexico. She and her team serve hundreds of vulnerable and disabled people with their amazing Reins for Life herd per year. 

Riendas para la Vida (Reins for Life) serves at-risk youth, deaf people, and families who are in domestic violence situations.

When asked what she loves about being an Eagala member, Mercedes responded, 

“I love being part of the biggest networking group of the world working with horses to help people in different areas with professionalism and ethics.”

Last year we received donations over $50,000 to support our programs which helped us to serve over 100 people on a regular basis. 

Our program has been running for 10 years, and we have worked with different groups of vulnerable or disabled people.

 “I feel our biggest impact is using the Eagala Model to help people with disabilities.”

For 4 years we worked with a group of high school students from a marginalized area of our city who had problems of aggression, bullying, drugs, family abandonment, etc.

In addition, we also worked with groups of deaf students in inclusion processes to regular secondary and high school curriculum, with the aim of helping them in their inclusion process.

For a year we were giving sessions to girls who were victims of sexual abuse.

During the last 5 years we have been working with families of people with disabilities, in their process of mourning and acceptance, for the benefit of the person with disability in the family and their inclusion in society.

The most interesting thing about these programs is that they have been carried out thanks to the support of the State Government, which is why they have been done free of charge for the beneficiaries.

“We have lots of stories from each of our programs.

One in particular that I’m reminded of – a high school student who had had 3 suicide attempts before even starting high school.

Several years ago, she was one of the fortunate high school students that went through our program for 4 years.

After graduating, she has remained in contact with us which we treasure, hearing from our clients as time goes by. Seeing the lasting and profound difference our journey together has made in their lives. 

After working with us, this young woman kept studying and was able to work hard and make a life for herself.

She has goals and dreams, and is in a loving relationship. She now intends to become a motorcycle mechanic because she wants to own her own motorcycle mechanic repair shop.” 

If you’d like more information please visit their website, Amigos de Rien das para la Vida

Or email Mercedes at direccion@amigosderiendasparalavidaac.org