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Sarah Garland-Eagala Member Spotlight August

by | Aug 1, 2020 | Therapy With Horses


Eagala Member Spotlight aims to feature our Eagala Certified member programs to bring awareness to the powerful work our members are doing and to celebrate their successes!

This month, we honor The Equinox Trust, an Eagala program in Cape Town, South Africa, who believes in the human potential of people to heal themselves. 

The Equinox Trust is a non-profit organization offering empowerment, support and therapeutic programs to communities, individuals and groups in need. 

“We empower people to heal themselves!”

Sarah Garland, Trustee and Programme Manager, shares: 

“We love that Eagala is a community… that no matter where you are in the world, you get support, help, guidance, encouragement and inspiration. There is always an opportunity to grow and develop and to maintain your uniqueness yet align with the professionalism that Eagala provides.” 

Of special note, Equinox Trust’s Women’s Trauma Survivor Programme works primarily with groups of women who find themselves seeking assistance at a women’s shelter due to trauma they have experienced through abuse and neglect. Each session has a theme linking to the previous session, yet there is flexibility, flow and openness for the participants to have a unique experience every session as these are run as open groups. 

A beautiful story from one of Sarah’s clients: 

“It has been my greatest honour to be in the presence of the horses at Equinox. My experiences were like something out of a movie. Never did I imagine that a horse would be my therapy. Six months ago my life was in turmoil, I have experienced abuse in every possible way that exists. My home was my prison and absolutely everything was dictated to me by my ex-partner. I had no life worth living for. I was always afraid of the next day and didn’t dare to put my foot outside my door even when I got a chance. 

Coming to Equinox and meeting a special horse I named Diamond, I still had the same fears, little did I know that Diamond would teach me how to be brave again. Diamond taught me how to see to my needs first and value myself enough to know that I am worth it. He taught me patience, bravery, to step out to the world again and self-love. Thank you Diamond for trusting me to touch you, hug you, kiss you and for adding joy to my life’s journey. I am very grateful for the time our two ladies at Equinox spent in working with me and helping me heal.”

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