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She Experienced a Lasting Breakthrough with Eagala

by | Oct 3, 2020 | Therapy With Horses

The Story of A Woman Who Experienced a Lasting Breakthrough


Have you got about 5 minutes for a powerful example of the Eagala skill sets in action? Eagala presented and held an exhibit booth in July this year at the international iCAAD Conference, held virtually for its first time, providing access to addictions and mental health professionals worldwide.  


Carey Khan in the UK, Eagala’s Regional Director for Europe and the Middle East, sponsored Eagala with our fun and cutting edge virtual booth full of resources, chat rooms for networking, and other cutting edge related talks and seminars from the major mental health professionals in the industry. There was something every hour for 2 days!


The workshop was presented by Lynn Moore of Acres For Life in Minnesota, Tracie Holroyd, of Tamworth Counselling Center, in the United Kingdom, and Lynn Thomas, Eagala Founder and CEO in Utah, who shared about the life-changing outcomes the Eagala Model professionals are seeing. 


This video below shares a case story from the presentation by Lynn Moore, about a client who was drawn to the big, powerful, majestic horse, who could also hurt her, and yet that is the one she wanted above all the other horses. It was through this experience, that she recognized her strong draw to her addiction, and what the horses taught her she needed to do to help her through. 

“She was able to take it from her head and put it in her body in a knowing way that she can recall  — even when she’s not in the pasture with those horses.” 

Click here to watch and hear this amazing story.