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The Depression was Preventing Him from Moving Forward

by | Oct 31, 2020 | Therapy With Horses

His depression and anxiety held him back from life – until this happened.  

A true story as told by Tracie Holroyd

In July, 2020, our team of Eagala leaders attended and presented at the iCAAD Conference, once held LIVE in Europe, but for the first time because of COVID-19, went virtual. 

Presenting with Lynn Moore of Acres For Life in Minnesota, was Tracie Holroyd, of Tamworth Counselling Center, in the United Kingdom, and Lynn Thomas, Eagala Founder and CEO in Utah, who all shared in the presentation about the life-changing outcomes the Eagala Model professionals are seeing. 

Tracie shared her brief but powerful and inspiring story of a young man who had been on medication for 4 years since he was 14 years old and now, his depression was worsening and the doctor wanted to up his dosage.

But because he liked horses, he decided to give Tracie’s Eagala program a try. 

As he shuffled in, with head bowed, no eye contact, Tracie opened as to how this would turn out, as she and her team created the safe space of non-judgment and holding space, and moved into the Eagala session.

Things didn’t get much more communicative during the session, but wait till you hear what happened at the end. 

Did the client make the connection and get what they needed from the horses?  

Listen as Tracie shares in this short video clip from iCAAD how emotional safety can foster a space ripe for lasting breakthroughs. 

“I couldn’t have scripted what happened next with the horses.” 


Click to hear the powerful story in this short video clip.