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Upcoming Events for Our Eagala Community

by | Oct 31, 2020 | Eagala Business

Upcoming Eagala Fundamentals Trainings


The list of Eagala Fundamentals Trainings for 2021 is growing. 

The South Africa Fundamentals began on December 2, 2020 and is happening now.  Good luck to our participants!

We have opened up more 2021 trainings to meet the demand.  

U.S. Trainings

    • Jan: San Tan Valley, AZ, US
    • Feb: Lubbock, TX, US
    • Mar: Baker, FL, US
    • Apr: Cockeysville, MD, US
    • May: Graham, WA, US & Florence, AL, US

Global Trainings

    • May: Kontich Vlaanderen, Belgium
    • June: Barntown, Ireland

To see the full 2021 year of trainings so far, click here.




Eagala Connect Calls


Take your boots off, grab a cup of your favorite beverage, and hop on our Connect Calls! 

It’s free to members every 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month! (Note: the Nov. 25th connect call is cancelled due to Thanksgiving Holiday)

Get clear on anything Eagala! Start off on the right foot, or get a fresh look at old ways of doing Eagala.  Learn new ways to run your business and work with your skill sets. Get clients in the arena with cutting edge marketing strategies. 

Informative and inspiring, and packed full of member experience and sharing where you have the opportunity to participate. Go ahead and Register!

Login to My Eagala and click on Resources, then Member Connect Calls to sign up!  



Upcoming Eagala Marketing Series Webinars


Manifest Your Dream Business

On December 16th, our last Marketing webinar of this crazy “so long 2020” year, we have a special webinar to end this year with and to open to 2021 with a big HELLO!

This webinar covers one of the most critical and foundational elements, and the first step of building a successful business. 

Here’s a question for you — Do you remember when you were so excited about your business?  

You had ideas, inspiring ideas that lit you up!

Remember the vision of your future? 

How you saw your life:  

  • connecting with people, 
  • enjoying an abundant lifestyle of your design, 
  • making a difference? 

Oftentimes, the excitement dissolves away under the daily entrepreneurial din. 

The frustration and the worry of not knowing where or when your next client is going to show up can crush your spirit.  

Your vision has gotten lost in the haze of Covid and all that has come with it. 

We can’t seem to get traction.  

Join me on this journey about manifesting and how we can move our businesses forward powerfully leveraging our innate power WITH the power of the Universe  

By the end, you will know how to : 

  • harness your power 
  • deal with the ups and downs of being an entrepreneur
  • change your business in 5 minutes a day 

We are the master of our own life, we have free will, we have choice and we can make our lives flow in a way that all of it becomes a joyful journey. I am not saying sugarcoat everything – but we learn to look at life and our businesses differently, to engage life differently. 

Come and learn the 3 simple steps and invite the magic to come into your life and start this all-important new year off on strong footing and an inspired uplifted heart!